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BluCC Photos is well equipped to handle all your numismatic photography needs from single coins to large collections, we've imaged it all. Our goal, every time, for every client is to deliver amazing images in a cost effective and high-quality manner.

We can and will customize any order to fit your needs. Every collection is different, which is why BluCC Photos never uses a cookie-cutter approach to its imaging.


There are many reasons to have your coins imaged: for insurance purposes, to show off your collection in-person, online, or digitally from your Smartphone, or to use your images as reference tool when hunting for upgrades.


Please contact us for specific pricing information. We can provide a wide variety of coin images from a quick picture for your eBay to images that are frame worthy

Pricing for a normal front and back shot, including full-slab shots start at $8 a coin. Great for insurance purposes, these shots do not include editing, but BluCC will provide multiple shots of each coin so if you choose for us to edit a coin you will have multpile images to choose from.

Images for specific use on eBay are inexpensive ($8 each) and adhere to eBay's photo policy. Unedited images will be provided in JPG or Raw (Nikon Raw) format.

Edited images start at $14, and go as high as $17 if BluCC Photos prints the images for you. Edited images are best for sharing your collection either online or for printing. These images include a resolution of 300 pixels/inch and include a text box (see examples below) describing the coin. The text box can be customized as requested. Edited images will be provided in JPG format.

For a close-up image, included as part of a composite add $3 per coin. To view samples please see our varities images.

Here are a few examples of the different edited formats. Don't see something here you need? Contact us and BluCC Photos will work with you to get you what you need.

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