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Welcome to the copper page. Here you will find examples of various copper coins and the occasional bronze coin.

Please click on the following coins to see a larger image. Your pop-up blocker may need to be disabled.

1905 IHC PR65BN 1900 IHC PR65RB 1853a France 5C
1896 J1768 1955 DDO Lincoln Medal
1944 Lincoln Cent 1867 Merriam Token 1898 IHC
1857 Flying Eagle 1861 Grocer Token 1900 IHC NGC PR65RD, one of my favorite pictures!!
1909 MPL 1898 NGC66RD 1897 PF66BN
1800 Half Cent 1886 IHC PCGS PR65RD 1889 IHC NGC PF65BN